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Adding automated external defibrillators (AEDs) to your facility’s safety program is a great idea!  But often they can be an expensive upfront investment beyond your budget realities, not to mention their never-ending maintenance costs such as battery and pads replacements, etc. And then what about the AED Management, Medical Control Process and Certification Training you need to ensure your lifesaving program starts and stays ready?

The solution is actually simple! has been the leader in Life-Saving training and emergency preparedness for over 20 years!  Our Public Access Defibrillator program has made AED's readily available throughout communities in the United States, and saved many lives! Allow us to take the worry off your plate and place an AED at your location with our leasing program.  At we’re budget friendly and make it easy for you to begin protecting lives today!



Each 36 month lease agreement includes:

  • A top-of-the-line AED with adult pads

  • Free installation and set-up

  • A dedicated AED manager with 24/7/365 support

  • Medical control meeting all requirements to legally possess and operate an AED

  • EMS Liaison & Registration for compliance 

  • Quarterly on-site inspections of your unit

  • All maintenance, parts & replacements

  • Post usage guidance and support, plus replacement unit

Contact us today to start a low cost, life-saving protection plan for your staff!

*Leased units may be refurbished units that are 100% guaranteed.  If the unit is not returned at the end of the lease, a fee of $500 will be charged.  






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