top of page has been the leader in Life-Saving training and emergency preparedness for over 20 years!  Our Public Access Defibrillator program has made AED's readily available throughout communities in the United states, and saved many lives!  There are many regulations, laws and requirements you must follow to legally own an AED!  We make this process simple, and include it with your purchase so you have nothing to worry about!

Every AED we sell comes with our management and oversight program free for 1 year ($500 Value!)  When you purchase an AED from us, we remain by your side for anything you may need and ensure 100% compliance with all laws, regulations, and requirements.  Our program includes the following:

  • Physician prescription and oversight of the program

  • Quarterly testing and inspection of each AED

  • Firmware updates as needed

  • Reporting to local Police, Fire and EMS agencies

  • Registration with the National AED Directory

  • Proper recordkeeping as required

  • Develop a proper Emergency Action Plan

  • Maintenance of batteries, pads, and responder kits

  • Usage event reporting and documentation

  • Post event debriefing and discussion

  • 24, 7, 365 online support

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PowerHeart G3 AED

2 year pads & Battery


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